What is a magic wallet?
what are the conditions resulting from it?
tickets produced by the magic wallet can be used like the other banknotes?

many of them ask themselves these questions and are often defrauded.
nowadays, it is advisable to pay close attention to social networks because barely 5 percent are true and serious marabouts.


the magic wallet is a wealth given by a deity called Dan .... it is not a bad thing if the conditions are respected.


what are the conditions:
First of all I remind you that it is a different kind of starts with one that gives 500mill a day up to 10million a day.
1..a magical wallet bearer should not eat pork
2.A portfolio holder must donate to the mosque at least once a month (orange, bread, milk, coffee, sugar etc.)
3. A magical wallet bearer for all his life since he is in possession of the magic wallet will not do sex on Fridays.

here are the three conditions of realization of the magic wallet.

Outside of this master ADANDO confirms that there is no consequence in the realization of the magic wallet

the banknotes produced by the magic wallet do not differ from the other bills everything is the same and can be spanned in the bank and everything.

for all those who are interested do not think that master ADANDO wants to start with you. ADANDO master has already made a thousand people in the world. to believe go on my page: marabout ADANDO and read a little testimonials in the comment


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